How To Place An Order Or Ask For A Quote

 Placing your order is very easy! Here is how it works:


1. Describe your cake or cupcakes and we will estimate the price; alternative you can give us your budget and see what we can offer.
    Please, fill out the Cake Request Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


2. Receive an invoice.
    Once we agree on a cake design and budget, we will finalize your request and send you a detailed invoice.


3. Make a security deposit.
    To finalize your order, please make your security deposit. The deposit amount will be indicated in your invoice.


4. Once we receive your deposit, we will update your invoice and email it to you.


5. Pick up your cake on the assigned date or ask for delivery and pay the balance once you receive your finished cake.

Rush Orders are welcome, too! Please, note: all rush orders are subject to an opening in my schedule and pre-ordered cakes always take priority.


Services and Deposits

A Minimum of Two Weeks Advance Notice is required for ALL Bespoke Orders. Please, also note that in order to reserve your date, a security deposit must be left. We cannot guarantee the availability before you make your reservation. When you are ready to place your cake / cupcakes order, a non-refundable order deposit of £50 or  25% of the order total price (whichever is greater) is required to be made within a 72 hour period in order to guarantee your date availability. The remaining balance is to be paid upon delivery or collection of your cake, or no later than 14 days for wedding cakes. Cake delivery and collections cannot be guaranteed for payments made after this period.  



Due to the fact that every cake is planned and scheduled in advance, bespoke order deposits are non-refundable. When you place your order for a certain date, there are a very limited number of cake orders, if any, that can be planned around it, therefore if you cancel, we (the cake designers/bakers) are refusing other customers and losing a sale.

Your cake equipment refundable security deposit, if any, will be reflected on your invoice and is 100% refundable upon return of the mentioned equipment. The equipment must be returned no later than 7 days after the cake delivery date and be in the same functional/physical/cosmetic condition it was given to you (the customer)). If any rented items are not returned within the 7 day period from your order delivery date or if they are damaged, they are considered being bought by you (the customer) and no refund will be issued; further charges may be levied upon you to cover the cost of replacement equipment.
If you (the customer) make a cake equipment refundable security deposit and decide to cancel your order, this deposit might be fully or partially refunded (depending on the situation) if by the time of the order cancelation no special order, third party loan arrangement or purchase of mentioned equipment  was made by NBB (the cake designers/bakers).


Allergy Alert!!! 

Please note that we cannot guarantee a nut/peanut-free environment for our cakes.


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